Paper VS Blog

Bhutanese bloggers are cool. I have been following a few- bhutanese blogger, Dorji Wangchuk, and Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay, to name some. I enjoy OL’s blogs, they sure give us a lot of food for thought.
Writing on a public forum is a big responsibility. One has to think of all kinds of issues, such as defamation, misinformation, et cetera. But one can also break all journalism rules- for instance the one that i just did- using ‘et cetera’. Apparently, reporters may not use that term. I hate that rule, because et cetera is such a useful tool. It means that you know a lot more than you are letting on, or that you know there are more things you want to say, but they are not occuring to you at the moment.
Writing on a blog is also better in that you can voice your opinion, something that you cannot do on paper, no matter how strongly you feel about it. I wonder why?I mean, i know the whole journalism school litany, about not taking sides in order to present a fair picture to the public. But hey. Why cant we call a cane a cane and be done with it? I mean, if i know all the facts and have made up my mind a certain way, why cant i let that feeling colour my writing? NO, says the editor. And he gets the last say in the paper, but this is my blog!
Also, one may not have to be politically correct in a blog. I dont intend to be. Why not say that so and so is my favourite minister, or i am a supporter of so and so party? (the only reason i am not saying that here is because i have not made up my mind…yet). After all, if i happen to support a certain party, and if i like the policies of a certain minister, i will have good reasons to do so. Minister, individual, anyone i like, dislike. Oh, if i dislike someone, and announce it on a public forum, i can be safe from defamation charges as long as i have a good reason for disliking that person. Meaning that s/he did something horrible and i can prove it, or if what i say is not any accusation, but simply my opinion, because according to the constitution, i am entitled to my own opinions, and i have the freedom to express them as well! yay!
Oh, one more thing. I have allowed comments, but i have moderated them. That is because as this is my blog, only things i like should go in here. If anyone wants the right to express their own opinion, they must start their own blog. That sure makes sense to me!


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