One day in the life of a daily reporter (say today)

Assignment. Have to make it by 9 to RIM, Semtokha, there is something going on there. I have a vague idea: Mass media classes for 30 students, by Mr Hugo Bigi from Switzerland.
No problem….only I think I made it home by 12 30 last night, so getting out of bed is not easy. I groan, and predict snowfall again (didnt come true, never does).
I am late by the time I am ready, and I get a call from the Project Manager, who is waiting for me to arrive. This is bad bad bad. I don’t drive, so I could use a taxi, but no taxi early morning. Finally, I make it to the office, (been walking in that direction) and Adm Head offers to drop me.
I am LATE! But I have a nice chat with the Adm guy, who was in politics, so knows lots of stuff. (This is a pure assumption, you may disagree) When I reach the RIM parking lot, I see that Project Manager is my uncle. (Not uncle in blood, you call everyone who knows your dad uncle here.) I had suspected as much, but that doesn’t stop him from getting very annoyed at me.
I rush in with him, and am introduced to Mr Bigi, very pleasant man. I am intimidated because he sent me his CV for my reference yesterday, and boy, he sounds COOL! Big Media Guy in the west, anyhow.
I try not to let it show, as we sit on the stone steps and talk. Next I meet another Swiss man, who tells me all about his project. Now I get the story! The students are management students who are learning about media. Pretty cool. Mr Bigi shows me his materials; they have been discussing public relations, among other things. Rather alien in Bhutan, but also important now, I think. How to make the media want to write a report about something happening in your hotel is what I understood mostly. Like I said, cool training.
I leave before lunch, and I get a call from one of the reporters at the office. With one editor away in Bangladesh, Life has got, if possible, even more hectic. He is following a particular story, and needs some help. I am acting Desk manager these days, we are severely short staffed. I get another call from the ed, asking where I am. I am on my way back!
I go home for lunch, which is a surprise for the family. They never see me before 12 am once I leave for work in the morning. I eat lunch at home for a change, and it feels good, but I have wasted 20 minutes already. I race back to the office. Everyone is out reporting, their assignments were marked on the white board last night. I check the day’s events and realise that there was a health meeting no one covered. I track down one of the reporters who is luckily free, and send him off.
The ed wants to talk to us because one of the reporters wants to leave, and another wants to join. We all sit and talk, MD, Ed, reporters, Adm head. The new guy is recruited.
I race down, and realize it is my turn to fix up page four today. No worries, I have it ready. I send it over to the design guy, who starts to work on it. The reporters walk in, and everyone needs help with their appointments, etc.
Finally, I get to sit at my desk with today’s copy of Observer. I read, fast. Then, the guys want me to go through their stories before passing it on to the Ed.
I do, and after everyone is done, I speed type my story. It flows out coz I have been thinking about it all this while. We assemble the day’s pictures, stories, and the Ed looks through them all. He has been doing this all day, poor man!
Finally, the stories are edited. We all re read them to spellcheck. Still find mistakes the next day, working all day makes you blind!
It’s 9, we are all hungry, so we head off to Nono’s for dinner. The designers are playing pool. We eat, chat, and get back. Designing begins, and ends only at….12. Its my turn to proofread, so i do. Then i shut my computer down, write tommorow’s aggsinments on the board and get dropped home, half asleep. Oh, have to be at Kelki school early tomorrow for that teacher assessment thingy.


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