Come across people who say a thousand words, but at the end of it, you cant recall a word, and you realize that through it all they actually did not say one word that means something? No? You will be surprised at how many people do that to you, without you ever realizing it.
Politicians are adept at this; it is a useful skill, to deflect all the questions of the media, and the accusations of their voters.
Here are some things that don’t mean anything-
“The collective conscience/belief/consciousness”
It doesn’t mean anything, because there is no such thing as “collective feeling”. My conscience is different from yours; my beliefs are different, as is my consciousness. The accepted “collective feeling” is actually the feeling of the majority, imposed on all the rest, on the feeling of the powerful, imposed on the less powerful.
“They should do something”
Who should? What should “they” do? These are comments made by people who couldn’t care less about an issue, have no idea how to solve any problem, but want to appear knowledgeable and principled. Smart people who want some change will specify who should make the change, by doing what.
Watch people who say things that don’t mean anything closely. Think clearly, and avoid falling into their nonsense talk trap.



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