Belated happy birthday!

How I love that word! It gives you an excuse to say happy birthday to someone whose birthday you happened to miss, and you can say it any old day till the next birthday comes along.
I wanted to post in a “Happy Birthday” message for His Majesty the King, on his birthday, but was way too busy! Here is my excuse…….I was busy, among other things collecting messages from kids for the paper!
And what a great time I had! One thing I found out…… kids in Thimphu sure can draw better than they can write. But they are a lot creative, and you can never know what goes on in a kid’s head. I know none of the kids will ever read this blog, most likely, but I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the kids for their sweet contributions. And also that it broke my heart to leave out so many of them, I wish I could have put in all of them.
These kids are smart, they see seven thousand wonders in the world instead of seven, I like to say. His Majesty’s speech during the third convocation of the royal University of Bhutan said it all. We really can not afford to have the light of education go out even for a moment, not when there are all these kids, bursting with thoughts and ideas that it seems they cannot articulate properly.
I would like to add my voice to that of all the kids I met in wishing our beloved king a very Happy, though now belated, Birthday.


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