education again

The government says that it’s difficult to improve the quality of education because of budgetary constraints. For every why that we ask, they have an answer- No money. Edu minister says that the focus is on providing education to all instead of focusing on quality for a select few.
Why are there no art classes in our schools? Why is sports not given more priority? Why are there so less cultural and other co curricular activities? Why can’t our children learn a foreign language in our schools if they want to? Why do we not have music classes, drama? Why don’t we have a great system in place?
The government’s answers are aimed to make us feel guilty. What kind of person would make such frivolous demands, when in our villages; children do not even get basic education? They say to us.
But why not? Whose fault is it that there are no roads leading to the villages, no schools for the children, no electricity for the villagers?
Why does the government insist on handing out low quality freebies to the people?
Education and health are the biggest and best businesses that the government is monopolizing at the moment.
Our kings began our free health and education system in order to support people who were not educated, to bring forward these people who were behind the rest of the world thanks to centuries of isolation. And now, we have begun to match steps with the rest of the world. Our King has trusted us with the government.
The Bhutanese are now capable of owning big businesses like health and education, and fostering a kind of competition that will only lead to improved quality.
When parents want to send their children to the best schools, and the schools make money, what is the necessity of quality control? The worst schools will need no government reprimand, because they will die out.
This is true of any private enterprise. When someone stands to gain, why will he not put forward his best?
This is real freedom. The freedom to choose the best, the freedom to do your job the best. With systems like this in place, we will no longer have people squabbling about who does more work and who gets higher pay.
The private proprietors will stand to gain only with the best people, and they will make sure that these people are kept happy.
Good service will make the consumers (parents, and when they grow up, children in this case) happy, and good business will make the owners happy.
Then there is the question of those who cannot afford the best quality education. What will they do, when the education is excellent, but no longer free?
That is probably one area where the government could step in. They could take all these people under their wing, and pay for their education. Or set up a fund. They will definitely stand to gain, these children, studying in schools that are so much better than the one classroom “extended schools”.


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