say no to smart people

Let’s see how the smartest people are punished and scorned in Bhutan. In our country, once upon a time in the not so distant past, MBBS was a goal for every science student. The few who did qualify suddenly attained Olympian status. Six years of studying, and then, one of the most prestigious careers in Bhutan, a doctor. It was what every parent wanted for their children.
We all agree that we need great doctors. We need the smartest and most capable people to take care of our health. We need these people. Yet, how are these people treated? We all know the tired stories of the doctors in Bhutan.
Like an eerie parallel to what happened in the book, the government is committing one crime upon another over the smart and capable people.
Every year, the competition is tough, we all know, for MBBS slots. There were many people who did not get the scholarship just by a point.
They were smart children, who had worked hard, and deserved it. But, what to do, said the government. Competition is tough these days, anyways.
Really? Is competition so tough? Or is there any competition at all?
Take the example of the students who could not qualify for MBBS, but were still forced to go by their over zealous parents. Hope they are not having such a tough time managing their studies. Now, you would say, it is every man’s right to study whatever he wants in life. Sure, sure. I would not criticize the people who have opted to do MBBS on their own. I would feel a little sorry for those who feel they simply can’t cope up, and those who are smart but didn’t make it through the scholarship selections, well, they had a fair chance and lost. They have no one to blame but themselves.
But what is this about the government awarding scholarships to these private students, in the name of doing a greater good, (ie, addressing doctor shortage in the country). Why, do you think, do the best medical schools in the world have a cutoff point? Why does any institute have cutoff points? Does a degree from any shoddy college, or from a college you got into, not because you were good enough but because you had the money or connections, make you a good doctor? Money can buy a degree but it can’t buy brains.
We need great doctors. We need smart people to heal us. But we don’t want the smart people to make all the money. We don’t want the best people to have an easy life. That is the government’s motto. And also, we reward mediocre people, because they are mediocre. And we give to those who don’t need it, not because they deserve it, but because….well, frankly speaking, I don’t know why.
Because they are related to some of the politicians? That is what I hear, but I doubt that just because the patient is your uncle, you will be able to summon skills that you never had to cure him. I am sure the politicians who made this decision will always remember which ones are the private doctors, and ask to be seen by someone else. Eh?
But what will we do when all the good doctors are too tired to do their best, and the only ones we can turn to are the “private students” educated by the government, who refused to educate some of the smart people? I think I will seek medical care elsewhere in the world.
This is the worst decision of the present government, including the pay hike proposal that worked its way top down.



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