giving yourself a chance

What are the chances of your winning the lottery if you buy a ticket? Slim, most definitely. But what are the chances of your winning the lottery if you do not buy a ticket? Stupid question, right?
But really, it’s not so strange to expect to win the lottery without buying a ticket. There are a lot people who want the jackpot, but won’t go and buy themselves a ticket. You know why. Because the chances are too slim, they think.
But how can you win the lottery without ever buying a ticket? Many people complain that they don’t get the ‘chance’. They are not ‘lucky’. They think they have talent, brains, whatever is necessary to do a certain thing. But they don’t do it. Why? Because, they say, they never ‘get the chance’.
Who is supposed to give them the chance? How about if they go out and do themselves a favour by giving themselves a chance?
Take an artist. He is talented, he loves his work, he works hard at it, and he pours his blood and sweat into something beautiful that he creates. Every sleepless night is his way of giving himself the chance to create the best that he can.
Take me. I may not be as talented as this artist. I may be good, but second to him. I too work as hard, I too love my work and cherish it. But I am not as talented as him. I am giving myself a chance too, by letting myself create the best I can.
If I show my work to others, let them appreciate it, if I put a price tag on it and assert with pride that this is my work and it is good, I am giving myself another chance. A chance to be successful and to continue doing what I love to do.
Let’s get back to the best artist in the world. He gave himself the chance to do his best, but say he didn’t give himself the chance to be successful. He didn’t show off his work, he didn’t get people to appreciate what he did. He failed to give himself a chance to win, this time.
So even though he is better than me, he is not more successful than me.
Of course it may happen that without him ever asking anyone to see his work, without ever putting himself out to be judged, he may be successful. One day someone who knows what real art is may ‘happen’ to see his work and realize the worth, and give him his chance.
But that will happen as rarely as a man who refused to buy a lottery ticket finds the winning one stuck to the sole of his shoe, and then he has no option but to win. It may happen, but this is not something for which you would wait your entire life.
Ever felt resentful at a co worker for getting a perk that you felt you deserved? Ask yourself why you didn’t get it. Clear away the cobwebs that cloud your mind, like that the boss is partial, or that he is lucky. What did he do that you didn’t do? Put in more hours, maybe? Took on more responsibility?
There is no point sitting and thinking, “I am better than him because I can do this much better.” If the world judged you by what you could do, who would care that someone actually did do the thing. “We all can do it,” we should have said, and ignored all the amazing feats that men and women have performed over the course of history.
But unfortunately, it is all too common to hear people going on about what they can do. “I can do this better.” They say, but then they don’t do it. or, they say,” I could have done it much better.” Does it matter that you can climb Everest, unless you go and do it?
We know all the quotes that go with great achievements. “The universe conspires to help those who want something badly enough.” “Nothing is impossible.” I found one that I really liked: “If you ever want a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm.”
I saw a movie last night. The entire movie resounded with this issue, but I found a line that I really liked. “Man chooses his own failure or success.”



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