I see a lot of Anonymous comments here now. And of course in other blogs. Sometimes also on print. “[fairly explosive statement], said a person who did not want to be named…” I have done the ‘did not want to be named’ game too, one story of mine carried no names, and I am NOT proud. But the problem was that I was not getting the real opinions unless they were “anonymous”. This is too bad. I know Bhutan is a small country where everyone knows everyone, and you may have an opinion that offends someone, but hey, they got to learn that it is your opinion. There is no point in expressing your opinion if you refuse to name yourself. You may have some hidden agenda. At least, the reader will think so. No one takes you seriously unless you say openly what you think. I wonder what people are afraid of. Here are a few things I tried to guess.
1. That some relative, friend, boss would get annoyed. Unfortunately this is the case mostly. A lot of people want to crib but not to their bosses. Who am I to teach them idealism? But if you are convinced that you are right, you will speak your mind freely and openly. If you don’t want trouble, think your opinion through thoroughly. If you are convinced you are right, and can argue for yourself, no harm saying your name. Your opinion will carry much more weightage than Mr. Anonymous’.
2. You are afraid that you may be proved wrong. Huh, once again, think through, if you can argue your case, good. And in any case, if someone proves you wrong, and you are convinced, there is no harm in saying that you were wrong. Here is a quote I Like, I don’t remember who said it….”I won’t die for my Principles, what if they are wrong?” So, yeah, we always have the option of saying, “Yes, I was wrong, I didn’t know of that particular fact before I made up my mind.”
3. For most people, it is just more comfortable being Mr. Anon. I think you need practice here. Come out of the shell. Say your name out loud a few times publicly, and you will realize it’s not so bad. You will make my job easier.
If you think journalism is bringing about changes in the society, righting the wrongs, presenting facts, whatever they say in journalism school, I would like to tell you- Faceless opinions are not much use. There are Kinga and Dawa and Dorji and Dema and Prakash….and there is Anonymous. No matter how many Anonymous, they are all just Mr. Anon.

I am still allowing anonymous comments here, but I would encourage you to use your names. Here and elsewhere. Especially if you meet me on the street and have a very important opinion. 😛



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