Does the idea of socialism sound good? Really?
Someone told me my ideas are “extreme right”. I didn’t know what that was, really. So I went and looked up right, left, socialism, capitalism, communism. I don’t know if I am a staunch any -ist. But I found a lot of things wrong with socialism and communism. So maybe that person was right.
Here is what is wrong with socialism, (since communism I believe has already been accepted as evil, but I hear a lot of socialist ideas in Bhutan, especially of late.)
Socialism. I heard a man on TV, saying what a great place Bhutan is, because in Bhutan, if you want to be a monk, you can be, but in the west, you cant. Not that there is a law like that, he meant that the people are more accepting of such things in Bhutan. He elaborated, “In the States, if you tell them you don’t want to work, you want to pursue enlightenment; they just look at you as though you are crazy, and don’t support you at all. But here, you can do it; people actually respect you for wanting to become a monk. They support you. You will always have people who want to work, and they also want to support you while you, hopefully, learn.”
Maybe he is right. The west is probably obsessed with ‘work’.
But relate this to socialism. Socialism is a kind of government where such things are the law. You respect a monk and want to support him while he wants to learn? Sure. But what if you don’t want to? The law makes you. That is a socialist nation. We are talking of basic human rights taken away in the name of ‘social welfare.’
Don’t think laws can be like that? Well, some countries have ‘unemployment benefit.’ Meaning that people who work pay high taxes, and that goes into supporting people who don’t work. It is a law. Even if you don’t care for the unemployed, if you think you would rather not help them…you have no choice.
That, I found, is socialism. A facade, where in the name of ‘social welfare’, you force the fortunate few to pay for the unfortunate ones.
That’s not what I call freedom. I am not saying don’t help people in need. I am just saying don’t force people to help people in need. If there are people who need help, start charity organisations, those who want to help will.
Here is a startling reply I got to this suggestion- “People wont help when they are not forced to.”
Well. It’s their money. They earned it. If they want to buy a mink coat with the money they made, rather than donate, and don’t care that you think they are rotten for it, they have the right to do what they want. You have the right to think they are rotten, and they have the right to keep their money. That is how it works.


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