Seeing posts in Kuensel’s online forum makes me lose faith in humanity. The posts are explicit, violent, personal, vicious, and illegal. I checked. They are illegal. And the person who is liable to a lawsuit if anyone decides he has had enough and wants to sue, is Kuensel. That is because online forums have the responsibility to check comments that they publish. And in the case of Kuensel online, i know that the comments are not only checked before they ever get posted, but also edited. Ill get back to the ethics of editing someone’s personal comments. In Kuensel’s online forum, the posts are seen before they are posted. Does it mean that whoever is the moderator is saying ‘yes’ to all the posts that he lets through? If not, what is the use of moderation? I mean I know about freedom of speech, but that freedom comes with a tag- if you want to give your honest opinions, give it with your name. when people hide behind anonymity and write all kinds of vicious things, you are not encouraging ‘freedom of speech’.
Oh, and about the whole editing my opinions thing…I once posted a comment on Kuensel’s online forum a long time ago……they edited the thing. I was disappointed, having made the comment in my name. Not that they changed the meaning, but I found out that my comments could be edited, and that does not encourage me to post comments in my name again. I never posted another comment there again.
I hope that Kuensel online forums discourage mr anonymous commenters, and filter all the vicious comments. A lot of people read them. Some are hurt, some are just outraged, but I am afraid, some may be swayed.
Once again, I don’t mean that we stop people from expressing their opinion. If someone wants to say something especially explosive, they can do so in their own name, sure.
But Kuensel’s forum, which is the most popular online discussion forum, which has readers worldwide, which I read in my years of absence from Bhutan to keep in touch with what was happening here, shouldn’t be the place for people who want to make attacks to everyone under the protection of anonymity.


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