Nothing can be more sad than a group of illiterate people who run from pillar to post trying to process adocument while no one helps them, and taking months, even years for something that may take other people days.


Unfortunately i see it happen in Bhutan.


The government promised to reduce administrative burden in the country, do away with unnecessary policies and regulations, and make life easier for all of us.


At the press conference (refer to story in Bhutan Today or Bhutan Observer) I asked the Cabinet what is being done to reduce administrative burden. I gave the example of processing separate NOCs for employment, training, passport and promotion, even though in all the NOCs they check the same things- criminal and census records. The problem i faced was that even though i had a valid employment NOC, i still needed to get two more later on, when i needed NOC for passport and training.


Why not have one NOC that fits all purposes, i asked.


The home minister said that this issue has already been looked into and solved, what a pleasant surprise! so people, now there is going to be only one NOC. That’s what the home minister said. I don’t know how much time it will take to make this policy come into practice, but there you go.


Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk also added that the government is taking the whole issue of reducing what they call ‘administrative burden’ very seriously.


Today the good governance people and ministry focal persons had a meeting to decide how to reduce Administrative Burden, because it is expensive not only to us but also to the government.


This is a positive step that we will all look forward. MoEA was surveyed last year and it was found that this ministry has quite high Adm burden, not surprising, listening to all the complaints we hear from people who want trade licences.


In the end it all boils down to better service delivery. The NOC issue was something i experienced. If you know of other such processes which you think are totally unnecessary, and need to be done away with, (plenty, i know) please post here. I would love to take it up.


Like i said, nothing more sad than people wasting time doing all kinds of things they don’t even understand. GNH is sure low among people who spend a year in Thimphu, living in a relative’s house, and going to the dzong everyday.

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