no smoking

Bans will be the death of me. My Ban phobia is compelling me to write about the smoking ban, in which my opinion may well be politically incorrect. However, this ban is killing me.
Make no mistake, I don’t smoke. Everyone else in the I know does, though. I think there is a karmic connection between smoking and journalism.
The problem with the cigarette ban is that it is definitely not working. I haven’t met one person who stopped smoking because of the ban. Or reduced their intake of cigarettes. They all have their places where they can buy cigarettes, and they all have an understanding with the shopkeepers. Sure, it is much more expensive after the ban, but people wont stop smoking. The ban must have been put into place to discourage smoking. It’s not working.
The government says it can’t ban smoking per se, that is against human rights. And they are right. Public Service organisations like the government has the duty to disseminate information, to let the people know that what they are puffing away will kill them. If the people don’t care, you really can’t do much about it. You can’t go make choices for someone.
I think its time to ban the ban. Why? Because it is not working, it is entirely pointless. Shopkeepers are forced to break the law, and honestly, the more laws the more law breakers. And implementing the ban is costing a lot of money. To seriously make the ban work, the government needs to pump in a lot of money, for officers, equipment, committees, informers. I can think of a million places where this money can be better used.
As for smoking, the best we can do is tell the people what is good for them, and then let them choose. After all, a true democracy is about choices, right or wrong. We can’t forever control people’s lives. We all have brains enough to choose.
“Give me knowledge and you have given me the power to choose.” This famous quote was in relation to something else, but it doesn’t say “you have given me my option.”



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