Kuensel goes daily

Uh, bit outdated for this post, actually. I was unbelievably busy this week… anyhow, how does everyone like the new Kuensel? Personally, I liked the old version better, but I am the person who loves Classic Lays and always hates changes in packaging in my favourite products, so more opinions definitely needed. I noticed they stopped running my cartoons in Kuensel now, ha ha. I was wishing it would just finish fast. Too bad because I had a set of cartoons that this really cute kid gave me to pass on to Kuensel, seeing as I always get mine published there! (I drew the Drukkar thingy that came in on Saturdays, but that was before I started working.) Well, I hope they keep the cartoons on, it’s a good way to promote budding artists here, who knows one day we might have our own Kishimoto Mashashi.Anyway, Back to Kuensel going daily….the marketing guy says he has noticed the stiffer competition.
Us in the Editorial Department? Well, KB Sir was pummeling his keyboard, going on about how they write an editorial everyday. And how writing editorials is not like cutting grass (mechanical, as opposed to creative, KB sir likes his metaphors). “So how am i supposed to write one everyday?” (He says, in a language that I cleaned up a bit here…) But he is pummeling his keyboard and churning out Edis daily anyway. But on the news side, I don’t know. I think the Bhutanese don’t read newspapers all that much, and getting selective news twice a week seemed to have suited them just fine. But now they can’t catch a copy of Kuensel on Wednesdays and Saturdays and know that they know pretty much everything they should. So they are forced to read daily and they have a choice. I found a lot of people comparing Kuensel and Bhutan Today. It’s going to be that way now, I suppose. Every story, every day. Well, whatever it means to the other newspapers, Kuensel going daily definitely is good news for readers. It means competition getting stiffer, which should result in better quality.
That said, I was always a fan of Kuensel. I don’t know if you are supposed to say that about competition, but, my bad. Growing up, I used to absorb all the middle page love stories and poems, and the cartoons were an inspiration, besides helping me in Dzongkha (Ashi Nangsa was in our syllabus). I thought I was the only person who read the middle page cartoons, until recently when I met a kid who reads the strip I make!!! I promised to give him a copy of the whole thing : P. I hear people criticise Kuensel for being too uncontroversial, too pro government. I don’t think so. In the old days I wouldn’t care if it was, I looked forward to Saturdays anyway. Now? I like some stories and Editorials, which are intelligent, well meaning…not unnecessarily controversial but with the core that rings of good journalism. Good journalism as I understand it to be, I mean. My congratulations to Kuensel for going daily. Hope they enjoy the “Daily” grind as much as we do. Haven’t met any Kuensel reporter since they went daily (surprising, thought we would see more of each other now), so haven’t got the chance to ask them how it is going. About us, well, we take the competition seriously.


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