teachers day

A little late for this entry as well, but I had no time. Can’t let this pass by, though, as I have a few teachers to thank. Not in any order..
Books, for teaching me all kinds of things, which if I write here will fill up books and books.
My sister sangita, a teacher, who introduced me to books, by reading me stories by Enid Blyton….the best I can do is give her son what she gave me…a love for books.
A teacher in Rinchen Kuenphen, Mr Sha Bahadur ….I forgot his last name….he was a temporary teacher from NIE, and he helped me realise that I could write.
Lopen Sangay….forgot his last name too….for teaching me good dzongkha and helping me with my dzongkha handwriting, which I still am proud of. 🙂
Mr Prem, my Physics teacher in class 11 and 12, for teaching us the way you would teach intelligent people, and thus making us feel intelligent, and teaching us much more than just Physics. They say there is always one teacher that you will remember fondly once you are out of school. That would be him.
My mom, for teaching me important life lessons. Even though I pretend not to hear her anymore when she cribs about how I could have grown taller if only I had played some sports in school, I do listen. I do!
Thanks to all of these people, some of who I am no longer in touch with. I never expressed my thanks to them, but I hope that it gets to them anyway, somehow. Happy Teachers Day. I hope I can do for somebody what you guys did for me.


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