Where to draw the line?

I have a copy of the child care and protection act of Bhutan.
Looking through it, and all the laws of Bhutan, and the constitution, I realize that it is very well thought out, every possibility taken into account. The only way to describe the important laws in this country is as ‘wise’.
Which is why making suggestions takes a lot of thought. Even expressing your opinion on what might also be included is a big responsibility. We do not want too many laws in the country. Neither do we want to leave out important issues.
Regarding the child care and protection act, I like the fact that it doesn’t prohibit children working for money. But the ministry of labour has guidelines on what types of work the children are allowed to do and what is forbidden.
The issue that is the most sensitive is parenting.
There are obviously bad parents around. How much do we let our laws interfere? I mean there is hitting children. A smack or two- is that really bad? Are our parents going to be arrested for smacking their children?
I know of a distressing case, I know of many actually, where I wish I could intervene, the law could intervene, someone would intervene…
There is a family, comprising of very young parents, who take drugs. They have a small boy, maybe three years old. I know the parents pot in front of the boy. The little boy drinks red bull.
Bringing the law in here seems just too much. But can they be left alone? There is no provision about doing illegal acts in front of children, potting or taking drugs in their presence, being violent in front of them…..again the degree of seriousness varies and the interference from laws seems problematic. Where do we draw the line?


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