Climate Change- true or not?

It is like blasphemy to say you do not believe in Climate Change.
Over the past three weeks I have thought about climate change a lot, and I have found that it bears many similarities to religion.
Now before this ruffles feathers, because, you know, Climate Change is just as sensitive as religion, I do not mean that people who believe in god also believe in CC. If you hadn´t assumed that and are just annoyed that I am being condescending, let me add that someone said that to me while I was discussing this, so I am just clarifying.
Anyway. CC is just as sensitive as god, it makes people react the same way. There are the believers, the non believers, and the many in between. No group has compelling evidence on the truth of CC. Or at least, I think there isn’t. The believers say there is, and the non believers say that there is to prove the opposite. It is a matter of personal choice, and there are some who use it for their own benefits, I am not calling names here but even if I find compelling evidence of CC, I know some people out there are just out to make money out of scare tactics rather than ‘save the planet for our grandchildren’. It is a great way to get your 15 minutes of fame, and there are so many hypocrites.
The most interesting thing to me is that my status on climate change is the same as that of god. Oh, did I tell anyone I am an atheist?
NO, I am not saying I do not believe in CC. I do not not believe in god either, people. Those who heard me say I am an atheist, I was just in one of the moods.
So what is my status on CC and god? Again, not that they need to be the same, I know staunch CC supporters who are atheists. Just happens that my stand on both are exactly the same:
I don’t know.
Sheesh, I know half the people reading this are going to go ‘what the hell! Why are we reading this?’
OK. Whatever. Did you think I would have the answers to the most compelling issue of the 21st century? I never have answers!!!!
I wish it was as easy to conveniently ignore CC as I would god. I mean it is too much trouble for me deciding if god exists, some days I am sure s/he does, other days I am sure of the opposite. Most days I dont think about it at all.
But I cant ignore CC. I am reporter, and CC has got to be the biggest story of the century. And I dont care if the skeptics go ‘hah’ here. There are global summits on CC, and even though most of them are just weird politics and money transfer and I don’t get how that helps. And I dont care for Al Gore.
But I have got to write about CC, right? And it will kill me to write about it if I dont believe in it. Why? I don’t know. I am not a great reporter, and I can’t be objective. I dont know if thats the word. I find myself replacing it with ´hypocrite´a lot.
But then, that´s my job, right? I need not believe in everything I write about, because if I do, or dont, I am going to colour my reports with what I think. And I am supposed to be impartial. Which means I should be able to presents facts and opinions that are not my own in an objective manner, notwithstanding my opinion of it, right?
Well actually that helps because I don’t want to decide. Now other climate journalists would kill me here because most of them are staunch believers and think that their job is to change the national consciousness. And how do you do that when you do not believe in the facts yourself?
But is it my job to change the national consciousness? Really?
About things I am not sure about, things I dont want to affirm because I think it just might turn out to be untrue. The answer is to write whatever I find, and try to present it as fairly as possible. CC supporters say the non believers get too much press, even when there are actually a few of them, most are believers. And it is a fair argument. If there are people who want to believe what most people believe in, and they do not know how many think what, their judgment is going to be skewed.
So the challenge is to report on who is saying what, how many are saying what, what has been the evidence, and exactly how compelling it is. Not easy.
Then again, there is the final problem. What if, when we are all too busy wondering what to believe, what if its too late and we are fossils underwater? Ok, sorry, no one ever said that will happen, heck I have to say weird things somewhere, right? The need for accuracy in reports already killing me, me with my imagination and love of storytelling.
Okay, this entry is getting too long. The issue is, do we have the time to decide? I mean it is not like god, (then again, you never know when you will die and go to hell, so maybe that is an urgent issue too) you may not have the time to decide. That is what a lot of guys are telling us.
And the world is already steps ahead, with CDM and CT and REDD and blah blah. Maybe it is not such a bad idea to cut down CO2 emissions. Not let politicians make money out of the ‘issue’ while globe trotting on their private jets. Does non emission really mean anti free trade Ayn Rand warned us all about 80 years ago?
But saving energy, finding out new ways to produce sustainable energy, saving forests, preparing for possible disasters, building new kinds of cars or using less of them, finding out new ways to live in a way that does not disturb the ecosystem while also not exactly resembling caveman lifestyle. That’s got to be the way forward. That’s where people get to rack their brains and come up with splendid new ideas. That is my favourite part of the whole CC mitigation plans. Harnessing on wind and water and sun, having trees in the backyard, plants on your roof. Not having power cuts or major oil wars. Sounds great to me.
Green lifestyle needs a lot of innovation. And its a great thing, at least I can make up my mind on that.



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