Moral Obligations

There was this famous interview Ayn Rand gave about morality, and it is something that people who disagree with her always bring up to score points. You could say she muddled up. Asked if it was a moral obligation to save someone’s life, she famously said “It might be all right if one is not risking one’s own life.”
I never gave much thought about the whole question. I am not out to prove/disprove Rand’s theories, I just like some of her books.
But yesterday, working on the story about the seven boys in Chukha made me think about the interview. It was a kind of horryfying incident I hope and pray no one would ever have to see again. My heart goes out to the parents watching helplessly from the banks, the children who must have been so scared.
People said they tried all they could. I don’t know. I just cant beleive that for five hours the boys stood on a rock and no one could save them, no one could do anything but watch. But I am not blaming here. After all, I was not there. I don’t know.
CAn we just resign to the fact that nothing could be done and that it was indeed a horrific incident? Or should we learn a bitter lesson from this and ensure that this never happens again? We may be an undeveloped, mountain country, but lives are as precious here as anywhere else, and obviously, there is much more that is need in our country in terms of rescue team facilities.
I know democracy has resulted in everyone blaming the government for everything.
But this is more than a business policy gone wrong. This is the lives of our children at stake.
I request our government to do something. Ensure we have a better, more accessible rescue team, no matter what the cost. It cannot cost more than the lives of our children. Let us work so that this never happens again.
Oh, by the way, about the whole Ayn Rand thing, I still don’t know the answer. Who am I to say to a policeman, “You risk your life to save someone’s.” It is easy to say from outside, to expect bravery and selflessness. Is it everyone’s moral obligation to save someone else’s life, even at a risk to one’s own? What about if that is their job, like a Policeman, a fireman, a rescue squad?


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