MPs the (wo)man

I wrote about how last year in March, I didn’t really care much about politics.
I didn’t write that had I been home, I would have voted for DPT. I knew some of the politicians, the Prime Minister’s name is something enough to pull the party through, and then there were former ministers and people like Lyonpo Thakur. My family voted for DPT for the same reasons. Who better to run the country than a man who has done it already?
The next time, though, I won’t be voting for DPT. I wont vote for PDP either, though. In fact, I wont vote for any party.
Watching the parliament sessions on TV must have made more or less everyone in the country realise what it is that MPs really do. They sit in the most sacred assembly hall, and make laws for the country. Some Job!
I get to pick one (wo)man to sit there. This person will decide on laws for the next five years. This person will have a vote in the passing of bills.
I get to pick one of these people. I want my MP to have the ability and the inclination to decide on the best possible solutions.
I don’t care if the Party president or other candidates are luminaries. Even if the whole party is in shambles, if my MP is the best person for the seat, he should be there. If everyone feels the same, the seats will be filled with the best possible people, and the party with more number of smarter people will win. Any which way, the luminaries, if they are that, will win in their own areas, and even if tey are not the government, they will have a say in the laws that will actually outlast the term of the government.
I only began to understand what an important job these guys have. And when I have the power to put one person there, I want the best possible person there. It doesnt matter what party he belongs to, how the other members are.
Next time round, Ill get to know my MPs. And I will make sure that the best person, the person with the ability and the inclination to find the best possible solutions, wins.
Yep. Next time, I won’t vote for the DPT or the PDP or a third or fourth party. I will vote for the MP


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