up and coming

First of all…Happy October! My favorite month! Not because I was born in this month…but because the skies are so clear, I always set a new shooting star sighting record in October, the leaves turn golden, and I love to crunch them under my feet as I walk back home. 🙂
Yesterday I attended the launch of a Women’s Magazine…Bhutan’s first- very exciting. I loved the content, I think they did a brilliant job, it looks and feels professional, and was interesting. I looked forward to reading it cover to cover at the end of the day, as much as I look forward to the latest Marie Claire lying under my pillow.
The magazine is prettily titled YEEWONG (something that appeals to the heart). The motto of the paper is “Bringing her forward”.
I loved the magazine for many reasons. It gives me something to look forward to, it is about people I know, but at the same time, it is no less than an international magazine. I must confess here that I am a big fan of women’s mags, but so are a lot of women.
Another reason is because it is brilliant and fun, and as the Editor (Pema Choden Tenzin ) plans to put in more stuff in the next issue, I look forward to it.
And third, I love the fact that the team who made this wonderful Mag happen are young people working for the first time. Pema was always brilliant, but still, making this happen is something special.
How wonderful to see people with immense talent, doing things that they love to do, and touching new levels of quality in their work!
I hope the story of the magazine is an inspiration to all! 🙂
Oh, also, Another interesting publication launched was the Business Bhutan newspaper, which is a weekly. It looked great and I am so sad that someone just picked it off my desk and i couldn’t get another copy! Something else to look forward to, I hope they stick to the quality, we need awesome business stories for sure!
My congratulations to the publishers/journalists. It is a sign of Bhutan rearing up it’s head, with bold new ideas, and smart young people. Promising.



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