Hard Times

Pardon me for being a ‘Tosh fan’. But when I heard that the issue following the mass resignation at Bhutan Times was going to be done by Tosh aka Tashi P Wangdi, I got all excited and made a mental note to myself to definitely not miss the issue. I even let myself think that despite all the problems, they might actually come out with a good issue.
And well? The paper was good! I read it from cover to cover, and even though it didn’t shake the earth beneath my feet, it was good. It has been a while since we got to read pieces of writing that is uniquely that of the man who wrote for Times and Observer, whose writing is not mere words on a paper but expressions sharp like horseradish, assaulting the mind of the reader into wakefulness. The editorial was as expected, about the hulabaloo, but then again, a good read.
It is sad that Times is losing all these reporters, a great team of people, really. And I won’t speculate on what really happened, because the people who are involved know best what the real issue was.
The BICMA angle was slightly surprising though, because I know for a fact that they never ask for accreditation from editors and reporters in new papers, so I don’t get why they want that from the K4 team.
And also, I think what the journalists did would not exactly be legal, I could slam lawsuits on breach of contract and striking already.
But then again, this needs to be looked into deeply, seven people gave up jobs they probably loved, and they can’t be dismissed as misguided or ‘conspiratorial.’
It’s tough to take a stand, but I can say that this matter needs looking into. Company laws notwithstanding, the fact that a media organisation is more than a business has to be looked into. I actually wish this matter would go to court, where the judiciary would examine the issue more thoroughly, because there needs to be legalities worked out on this, we can’t simply depend on existing laws.
Bhutanese papers cannot be politically inclined. Just how much can an owner control the content of their newspaper? This needs to be sorted out.



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