successful democracy?

An MP (DPT) recently asked me if I thought that democracy in Bhutan was ‘successful’. I didn’t have a prompt answer. For one, it was democracy he was asking about, not the DPT government’s performance. Defining democracy and assessing if it was a failure or a success in Bhutan yet, was too much work for me.
But I have an answer for the DPT government’s success.
And the answer is, no. I don’t think this government has been very successful in it’s two years to make Bhutan a better place to live than it already was. In fact, some distinctly bad policies have come up which might have made it take a few backward steps on ‘improvement’.
What helped me make my mind?
The MP salary hike. If that one comes thorugh (I understand the thing is not sealed yet), then it means the final stamp on the party’s failure to run a good government.



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