Obscene scene?

RSTA (Road Safety and Transport Authority) issues a notice saying that vehicles carrying obscene messages would be fined heavily / penalised. I was curious, what kind of messages?  I have never obscene messages on vehicles…but what do I know?
But again, one of our reporters was told that some examples were “Lady Killer” on a truck, and “Awaaz do” and “Come together and revolt”. I havent seen the last one, but they all sound harmlessto me. I mean was a guy really fined for writing “Lady Killer” on his truck? I mean, okay, he may not be the nicest guy around, but it looks like a little too much to me. As for the others, I dont know, they “carry political messages” according to the RSTA people. Now I don’t know of a law that says you cannot carry political messages on your car. Are they going to arrest me for rooting for a party in the next elections by sticking one of their posters, maybe?
I don’t like where we are heading.



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