DPT Times

None of the newspapers found it appropriate to publish this, for obvious reasons, but I think it would be interesting for people to know anyway.
Tenzin Rigden, the founder and Ex MD of Bhutan Times, and one of Bhutan’s most prominent journalists, is now the media advisor for the government.
For people in the media, I think this is good news. The media hasn’t been all that sucessful in reporting government news, and if the reason for this was a communication gap, who better to fill that than a former journalist? I certainly hope that with TR coming in, the government, which has so far been pushing away the media, will learn to use it. In fact, I already see some improvements in the media- government relations.
Also, Tenzin Rigden is a man greatly admired by whoever has worked with him.
I am optimistic.

NB. I had attributed a quote to TR, but I realise that was wrong of me as I havent actually heard him say so, and it has generated unintentional controversy. All I can say is that it was not intended to mean anything like what has been interpreted. 🙂



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