Distributing Blame?

I was watching on BBS TV a little girl make a speech at the end of the Police Youth Partnership Programme, and I was appalled at what she said. 

The students were taken to drayangs, and this is what she had to say about them:

“All the body parts (of the women working there) were not properly covered, and maybe that is why we are having an increase in number of rape cases”.

Not that I blame the little girl- this is what we are teaching our children, then. That if someone attacks you, if you are a victim of rape or molestation, maybe you should look at yourself and see if the fault wasn’t yours. 

Most of the rape cases that have come up in the past years were against minors, some very very young. Are they somehow ‘asking for it’? 

Why do people commit crimes? Why do we, as a society, need to find reasons to defend criminals? Is it not the grossest injustice, to the victim, firstly as a result of the crime, and secondly because we would try to ‘share the blame’. 

Rape is a crime that has been associated with power rather than sexual issues. The hypothesis is that people commit rapes not to satisfy lust, or whatever, but to assert power. A lecherous thought does not make someone a criminal, the act does. 

In Bhutan especially, this is clear. Victims are those vulnerable, uneducated girls, mostly rural, or children.

Why is rape a crime? As opposed to sex? Rape is a horror because the woman in question is physically attacked, but also humiliated in the worst sense possible. And the difference between consensual sex and rape is that the victim dissented. 

If someone forcefully has sex with someone, it is rape, it doesn’t not matter whether the woman is his wife, or a prostitute. 

We need to teach our young people their rights. And yes, if they wear small clothes, maybe their parents will frown upon it, maybe some people may not like it. But it is their choice. They have a right to wear small clothes and not be raped, molested, or harassed.



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