Back on the job

Its been a while since I last opened this blog, and I see that I have gained a few followers, without having written a word for the last couple of months. I was keeping away because I didn’t have much to say, but now I do, so here’s a return!
As most of you may know this already, I joined Kuensel and worked there for a couple of months. It was a very enjoyable experience, and although the work was the same, it was very different from working for Bhutan Today.
Anyway, the good news is that I am part of a team that is coming out with a quarterly magazine for students. This is something that I was looking forward to for a while, and I am glad that it is finally working out.
The magazine is called Students Digest, and although I wont be here for too long because I am planning to finally do the Civil Service Exam, I will make it through to atleast a couple of issues and maybe remain a part of it even after that.
We have already drawn up the content and worked out a Dummy copy, and we are all very excited about how its shaping up.
The first issue will be out by the first week of September, till then, look out for news on the mag. 🙂



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