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I have been hopeless this year with my blog. This is not a New Year resolution, but I am going to write more often from now on.

The reason I wasn’t writing was because this year I was mostly not working and I didn’t really have anything to write about. But now I have been doing something (which is what today’s post is all about) and I find myself once again with a lot of things to say. So I think you will find my rants pop up once in a while here.

And here’s news time-

I worked on a new magazine, the first issue has already hit the stands- it’s called Students’ Digest. It was launched during the book fair on November 11. Hopefully you all have got a chance to go through it. It is available at bookstores, and those of you who cannot find it can contact me.

The news is that the second issue is coming out in February. And the special thing about the second issue is that it is going to be published by me, Dipika Chhetri, and Hannah Gurung, who was also an associate editor with the magazine for the first issue.

We will write, edit, market, publish and distribute the magazine.

The magazine itself is a work in progress. We hope that one day it grows to become a reference point for students; that they will feel united and connected through it, and will look to it as an important source of information. Bhutanese students don’t read, and that is a sad thing. Also a sad thing is that we don’t have much about ourselves to read.

We hope that with Students’ Digest, students will enjoy reading about themselves and their friends, and share and learn from each other’s stories and experiences.

It will take many issues and a lot of work to get there, and we are working. For the next issue, we will go to Sarpang, and experience lives there and tell the students in the rest of the country about it. We hope to keep moving in every issue, which, by the way, comes out every three months.

We hope we enjoy the support of friends and readers alike. You can follow us on Facebook, and we will be launching our website soon- I will put up updates here and on our Facebook page. You can also write to us with your feedback at studentsdigestbhutan@gmail.com Any ideas, suggestions, comments, and criticisms are welcome and appreciated.


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