My friend the dairy farmer

Youngten Lempen Tharchen, or Tharchen, to his friends, is a graduate from Sherubtse College, Kanglung, a former journalist, and a dairy farmer in Dagana.
Always resourceful, Tharchen is intelligent and would have done well at the civil service exams, but instead he chose to avail an interest-free loan from Loden Foundation and set up a small dairy farm in his village in Dagana.
He has six cows, a bull, a small patch of family land on which he built a shed, and family members who help him with the work. He has already started selling some products, and he may not exactly be rolling in the money now, but he is far from giving up.
In fact, Tharchen has some admirable goals- he dreams of making the farm bigger and involving all the farmers in his area to form some sort of cooperative, and increase supply of local dairy products as much as possible.
He has come up against a lot of very interesting issues in the course of his work, and I suggested that he start his own blog to write about them and his farm- I am sure a lot of people will find it interesting and inspiring.
Tharchen’s choice is inspiring to me- he has paved a new road for himself off the beaten track, away from what people expect a young intelligent graduate to do, and proved to us that there is no boundary young people like us need to stick to when it comes to work. He has also followed a dream he has nursed for a while and gone for it.
His goals also inspire me. He wishes to help the people in his community improve their lives by increasing their income, and has taken the first step towards that goal- setting up a dairy farm in his village and talking to the people in his community.
It would be wonderful to see a community benefit each other by working as a cooperative and producing enough milk to supply atleast a part of the country. This is better for the economy of the country, we will not have to depend so much on import, and our farmers will be making a better living. AND he is helping address the unemployment problem in his own small way by being self-employed, and later by employing more people to work with him.
Tharchen also aims to make his products organic- another plus. The possibilities are unlimited- he can work with tourism and actually help the government make good their aim of starting off agro tourism, selling to tourists the opportunity to live in a rural household. He can, and wants to, start off small community projects involving children.
He has started off something promising and full of opportunities, and I wish him all the best. And I also hope that soon there will be a blog from the man himself, writing about dairy farming and life in Dagana.
Most of all, I hope his story inspires you as much as it inspires me.

Revision- 11 July 2011: Tharchen started blogging, his first post is about how he became a dairy farmer.



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