NC members are political

I caught a small bit of the NA proceedings yesterday and saw an MP comment that NC members do not deserve money for constituency visits because ‘NC members are apolitical’.
Now, because I did not watch the entire proceedings where the members of the National Assembly deliberated on the role of NC and NA, I will not comment on the need for such a budget or who has a right to veto financial bills or make changes- these are long standing arguments that need another post and a lot of thought.
But I am surprised that the NA members consider only themselves ‘political’ and think that the NC members, and the local leaders, who have been elected in almost the same manner, are not.
I don’t know on what basis the NA members make this difference. If they are going by the constitution, then I must say I think they have misread it.
The constitution says that National Council elects will not belong to or affiliate with any political party. I do not see the word ‘apolitical’ used.
Now politics is not limited to political parties. There are different types of politicians. there are people who belong to political parties, and there are individual politicians, and in my understanding, in Bhutan we have both. We have parties, and it is vital that politicians in other decision making bodies, such as the local government and the National Council, do not belong to or affiliate themselves with any party, because this could severely hamper the democratic process and render the entire setup useless.
But NC members who have been elected by the people of their constituencies, and local leaders who have done the same are politicians as well.
They have been chosen by the people in the hope that they will, in a position of power, make decisions that benefit the public who have voted for them. They too have contested in elections with rival candidates, and have worked to convince the public that they are the right person to sit in the decision making bodies representing the people. And they too are answerable to the people who have voted for them. This makes them as ‘political’ as any NA member.


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